Accessible Operation Usage Definition

Accessible use of this site is defined as follows:



*Alt+U : The top of this site, including the website logo, and a link to the site guide.
*Alt+M: The main function menu link of this site shows the main content link provided by this site.
*Alt+L: Submenu links. If the page contains sub-level content, the sub-menu will be located in the page content area and display the related links under the page sub-level.
*Alt+C : The page content area, located in the middle of the page. It can include the path where the page is located (and can be directly clicked to go back to the specified level), and the main information content of the page.
*Alt+G : The website copyright notice is located at the bottom of this site. This area lists the Privacy Policy, Internet Security Policy, Information Security Policy, and other related links.